At Siren Snacks HQ, we pulled up a chair (okay, a blanket) and settled in to watch the new documentary, “
The Game Changers.” Produced by James Cameron and featuring numerous elite athletes like tennis pro Novak Djokovic, Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, and world-record-holding strongman Patrik Baboumian, the film demystifies the age-old myth that eating meat improves our strength and health. It interviews leading physicians and cites research from well-regarded scientists, all to say – the best diet for performance is, in fact, a plant-based one.

Armed with a bowl of Siren Snacks, we took notes and recapped our top takeaways from the documentary:

If it’s good enough for the gladiators, should be good enough for us:

  • A study found that Roman Gladiators, who quite literally fought to the death, actually ate predominantly vegetarian diets. 
  • This finding can help us demystify the modern stereotype that "meat makes you tough". After all, Gladiators were the epitome of strength and machismo masculinity 
  • A glimpse into the Gladiators' diet demonstrates that, even 2000 years ago, humans were able to achieve optimal health and physical performance with a plant-based diet

Debunking the stereotype that “Real men eat meat”:

  • The film challenges the concept of meat = masculinity
  • There’s a stereotype (fueled by endless advertising and marketing campaigns) that meat is good for us and makes us stronger
    • Advertisers have historically promoted meat by associating it with athletes, who the ultimate symbols of fitness and health
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger calls out the manipulative tactics of the animal food industry and says this marketing is not based in reality
  • Eating an abundance of plants today, the former bodybuilder said he feels fit and healthy … and his cholesterol is the lowest he’s ever had

Connecting plants, performance, and longevity:

  • The documentary suggests that athletes can reach their peak performance later in life by following a plant-based diet
  • After transitioning to a vegan diet, eight-time USA cycling champion Dotsie Bausch “became like a machine”
  • Bausch stepped onto the 2012 Olympic podium as the oldest athlete in cycling history, a remarkable feat powered by her plant-based diet
  • Plant-based athletes’ strength, endurance, and recovery were better than ever

This film debunks some myths and stigmas around health, meat consumption, and strength. One of our favorites quotes from the documentary came from the strongest man in the world, Patrik Baboumian – “One person asked me, ‘how can you get as strong as an ox without eating meat?’ And my answer was, ‘have you ever seen an ox eating meat?’”

We’re sold. You are what you eat. Grab some high-protein, vegan Siren Snacks so you too can feel the difference of a predominantly plant-based diet.