This year we are thankful for YOU, the Siren Snacks community. We love hearing from you, and are feeling inspired after connecting with six women from the Siren community to learn what they are grateful for this year!

  • Natalie Brandenburg (@thecaliforniabowl): "I'm so incredibly thankful and grateful for a platform where I'm able to meet such inspiring entrepreneurial woman who are taking risks and giant leaps towards making their goals and aspirations happen"
  • Eda Graham (@emg805): "This is the first year I'm truly grateful for my body, my unique shape and physique. After years of trying to achieve an unattainable physical appearance (according to societal standards), I'm learning to be healthy, happy, and whole. I'm grateful for my continuing wellness journey because without the struggles, I would not be stepping into who I was always destined to become!"
  • Becky Tartick (@hotforsquats): "This year I manifested things that I thought were always out of my reach. I am grateful for my commitment to pursue my goals as well as my friends and family for believing in me."
  • Katie McClure (@afitcado): "I'm grateful for a healthy body and mind that I'm able to move every single day!"
  • Claire Yanta O'Mahoney (@fleurdelisfitness): "I'm hugely grateful for the people in my life: my husband, family, friends, clients, and social media community. They truly enrich my life! I'm also grateful for the role that rest and rejuvenation plays in my days. Taking time to be introspective, practice gratitude, read, and just simply be are so powerful."
  • Bailey Oschman (@bailey.rd): "I am grateful for my health, and the community of strong women I get to work with everyday at Fit Mama in 30!"