The Siren Snacks team is growing! We are thrilled and grateful to have some spectacular new people, including Nicki and Mary, join our team at Siren Snacks. We caught up with the Siren squad to discuss fall favorites, our go-to Halloween candy, and what we can't stop listening to. 

Nicki: Ever wonder how we source our ingredients, produce our bites, and get everything delivered fresh to your door? Nick oversees Siren's production, operations, and supply chain. There's a LOT of moving pieces, but her organizational superpowers allow us to source the best ingredients and make sure our distributors, retail partners, and most importantly customers are always happy :) 

  • Name: Nicki Pacheco 
  • Favorite Siren Snacks Flavor: UMMM Lemon poppy all the way!
  • Favorite Halloween candy: Dots and 100Grand!
  • Favorite fall tradition: Pumpkin carving with the kids 
  • Go-to warm beverage: I’m weird I know but I do not like warm drinks!
  • Go-to recipe for cooler weather: Crock Pot dinners!
  • A book, podcast, or TV show that I'm currently enjoying: Pretty Sure I watch too much TV and to many Shows I’m obsessed with to name!

Mary: Have you ever found Siren Snacks outside the grocery store, like in an office, micro-market, or University? If so, thank Mary - she oversees our foodservice and alternative channel sales so that our customers can find Siren Snacks in all of the places where they shop and spend their time!

  • Name: Mary Conroy
  • Favorite Siren Snacks Flavor: Lemon Poppyseed
  • Favorite Halloween candy: Snickers
  • Favorite fall tradition: Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Go-to warm beverage: Coffee
  • Go-to recipe for cooler weather: Chili
  • A book, podcast, or TV show that I'm currently enjoying: Book- Sold on a Monday
  • Name: Elizabeth Giannuzzi 
  • Favorite Siren Snacks Flavor: Lemon Poppyseed & Coconut Chocolate Chip R&R Bites (can't choose just one)
  • Favorite Halloween candy: Kit-Kats and chocolate covered gummy bears
  • Favorite fall tradition: Fall baking - pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, and apple cinnamon anything 
  • Go-to warm beverage: Chai tea or Mocha Lattes
  • Go-to recipe for cooler weather: Anything involving pomegranates or roasted delicata squash - my favorite fall ingredients to cook with!
  • A book, podcast, or TV show that I'm currently enjoying: Absolutely Not by Heather McMahan (podcast) and Succession (TV)
  • Name: Abby Giannuzzi 
  • Favorite Siren Snacks Flavor: Snickerdoodle 
  • Favorite Halloween candy: Swedish Fish and Rolos
  • Favorite fall tradition: Creating the menu for our family Thanksgiving dinner
  • Go-to warm beverage: Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
  • Go-to recipe for cooler weather: Roasted veggies with curry
  • A book, podcast, or TV show that I'm currently enjoying: The Skinny Confidential (podcast) and Billions (TV)