Want to know what’s under the Siren squad’s tree this year? Read on for our holiday wish list, what we’re giving our friends, and our favorite holiday indulgences.


On my holiday wish list: Wireless headphones, a pressure cooker, and anything from Outdoor Voices or Sweaty Betty

What I’m gifting this year: Siren Snacks gift sets (of course), Diptyque candles, BKR water bottles, and cookbooks

Favorite holiday tradition: Homemade brunch on Christmas morning and organizing a family wine tasting with Christmas dinner

Holiday indulgence: Staying in my PJs all day and decorating christmas cookies


On my holiday wish list: Workout clothes, sunglasses, and a wine subscription!

What I’m gifting this year: SoulCycle gift cards, coffee table books, anything Lululemon.

Favorite holiday tradition: When we were younger, all the kids would have a sleepover on Christmas Eve! Let’s see if I can bring it back this year...

Holiday indulgence: I think I probably listen to too much Christmas music

Siren Snacks_Abby Giannuzzi


On my holiday wish list: $$$ (oh girl$ they wanna have fund$)

What I’m gifting this year: LUSH aka my go to holiday place -- bath bombs for my besties

Favorite holiday tradition: (As much as I pretend to hate him for it) Every time I go home to LA for the holidays, my dad and I start the morning EARLY with a hike somewhere scenic -- whether that means Runyon Canyon or Malibu with our weight vests and afterwards go for coffee + acai bowls.

Holiday indulgence: Holiday Smells! There's just something about a home smelling like Christmas trees or fresh baked pumpkin pie.

Siren Snacks_Paige Roberts


On my holiday wish list: Sherpas—I’m obsessed with how soft and warm they are, makeup from ColourPop and classes from Soul Cycle

What I’m gifting this year: Infuser water bottles, accessories from Francesca’s, and you can never go wrong with books

Favorite holiday tradition: Because most of my relative live outside the country, my family usually travels for the holidays. This year, we’re going to Amsterdam to visit my mom’s cousins, and I’m so excited to see everyone.

Holiday indulgence: Definitely all the lights! I love walking around my neighborhood and seeing all the festive decorations.