At Siren Snacks, we’re counting down the days until we take our summer vacation. (TBH — we may or may not already have our OOO message written and ready to go.)

As much as we enjoy the time off to relax and explore, we occasionally find ourselves feeling a little “off” without our regular sweat sessions. But just because our favorite studio or trainer is staying home, our commitment to health and wellness can go through TSA right along with us. We’ve put together the following list of ways to move your body while traveling. Plus, did we mention that none of the options include stepping foot in a hotel gym? After all, an important part of traveling is immersing yourself in a different culture and seeing all there is to see (which doesn’t have to include a treadmill — you can see that at home).

1. Go Kayaking or canoeing

If you’re near water, go kayaking or canoeing. Often, there are sports equipment shops to rent everything you need, from paddles to life vests. Talk about an oblique workout.

2. Try biking

Speaking of renting equipment: Try biking rather than taking public transportation or cabs. You can even book a biking tour and pedal around your vacation spot.

3. Walking tours

Want to keep equipment to a minimum? Walking tours are the way to go. Walk from attraction to attraction or along the beach. See ya, au revoir, adios, addio, Uber!

4. Use your hotel room furniture

Like we said, who needs a hotel gym? Use your hotel room furniture. Desk chairs are perfect for tricep dips. Got a minute before pool time? Do a 60-second wall sit.

5. Sign up for a workout class

There’s a good chance the city or town you’re visiting has a gym or exercise studio. You might learn what “squat” or “downward dog” means in a different language by signing up for a class or dropping into a gym. Now that’s an immersive experience!

6. Take the stairs

Take the stairs. If you’re sightseeing abroad, challenge yourself to climb to the top of a cathedral, castle, or temple. Anyone else prefer history with a dose of cardio?

7. swim

Whether it’s doggie paddling or butterflying, just a few laps in the pool or strokes in the ocean will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

8. Choose an activity that lets you experience the culture

Choose an activity that lets you experience the culture. Tourists love hiking in Muir Woods when they visit San Francisco. If you’re in Hawaii, you’ve got to hula! Hike to Piazzale Michelangelo, which offers a breathtaking view of Florence. You get the picture.

9. Playgrounds & parks

Most destinations have a playground or park for kiddos. Turns out, playgrounds and parks make fantastic gyms for grownups. Use the monkey bars for pull-ups. Benches are perfect for push-ups, jumps, or step-ups.

10. Jogging on the beach

Resistance doesn’t have to mean weight — it can also mean sand. (It’s Mother Nature’s version of ankle weights.) Take your run up a notch by jogging on the beach.

11. Last tip...

Last tip: You know what makes a perfect travel and airport-friendly snack? You guessed it — Siren Snacks. Though your workout might look a little different while traveling, your go-to snacks don’t have to. Throw a couple of bags in your suitcase or carry-on. Along with your dedication to health, they’ll breeze through security with you, too. Thanks for letting us tag along on your adventure. We’ll be here to welcome you home, too.